What’s going on at our July event at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol, UK?

What “tech” are we showing?

We are using our WebWindows screen management technology as a showpiece to demonstrate the Configured Things platform as a tool to curate Smart environments and systems. The “Smarts” are provided by various IoT sensors and other “Things” which are collectively orchestrated to affect the visualisation of the system or smart space in a multi-screen digital display environment. We will be simulating a co-operative environment where within a prototype security schema devices are potentially “owned” by different organisations and the control of these assets plus the resulting data are shared to achieve whatever the desired objective is for the overall “system”.

Should you be interested?

  • Yes – if IoT is not just a data collector for you – you are interested in IoT systems co-operating and creating those smarter environments or more intelligent applications.
  • Yes – if you are involved in projects which require – or would be enhanced – if different organisations could share control of assets and the resulting data in ways that might seem impossible to you at this time. Examples would include Smart spaces and Smart city projects but could also include next generation Service Provider wholesale/5G networks.
  • Yes – you have a Digital signage/display project which would benefit from a completely new approach to utilising those assets together with other IoT assets that might be available to you. Examples of this would be a City or cyber security control centre.

What’s the format of the event?

The event is really a collection of 1 to 1 meetings held over the 25th and 26th of July at Ashton Gate Stadium. Most of these meetings are already arranged and in place but we do have some free time we could accommodate meetings with folks who may be interested and available to meet us on those dates. The “event” invite is listed below but an R.S.V.P. describing your interest and availability to attend a meeting with us should be sent to info@configuredthings.com

Lastly – a clarification

Whilst we are really grateful to the team at Ashton Gate Stadium we must point out that we are being hosted at Ashton Gate Stadium only; this isn’t a validation of our technology by the stadium in any sense. Rather it is them providing us space to build a tech demo and use the venue to meet our potential clients and interested parties.

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