Configured Things invited to speak at InfluxDays EMEA 2021 Virtual Conference

Phil Day, Configured Things’ Engineering Director, has been invited to speak at InfluxData’s InfluxDays EMEA 2021 Virtual Conference. The subject of his talk will be the product of a recent project working with a smart city customer.


Our customer had a vision beyond the typical smart city. Consequently, it did not see “smart” as just the collection of vast amounts sensor data; using it to optimise its operations; and publicly exposing it. Instead, they wanted to enable a city that can collect IoT data, process and share it in controlled ways that protects citizen privacy.

They sought to have strong fine-grained control of how IoT data can be collected at “the edge”, processed and shared.


As a result, this problem required a solution that had a strong notion of policy enforcement. Firstly, not just accounting for who the data can be shared with; but secondly, also fine-grained adjustments to the data’s quality. However, the seemingly complex set of user interactions one might imagine required to define such policies is kept simple, thanks to Configured Things’ approach of using declarative models.

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The conference will be held virtually 18th-19th May 2021. Phil’s talk is titled “Policy driven real-time data filtering from IoT sensors with Flux”. You can find the abstract to Phil’s talk below:

Data is central to any smart city, and valuable to a range of different consumers. However, access to the data has to be balanced against privacy concerns to ensure that each recipient only receives the set and quality of data they are authorized to access. This talk describes a solution developed around InfluxDB and Flux which filters data in real time according to a declarative policy model and delivers it securely via web-socket data streams.

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Update (18/5/2021)

You can watch Phil’s recorded InfluxDays talk below: