Configured Things accepted into UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s Startup Accelerator

Today the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, announced Configured Things’ acceptance into the latest cohort of startups of its Cyber Accelerator.ncsc accelerator member logoThe cyber accelerator is a nine month long program run by Telefónica’s Wayra UK group. The program provides its startups with business mentoring, technical advice from the NCSC and access to the Telefónica investor network.Configured Things was selected by a panel representing NCSC, Wayra and investor expertise amongst stiff competition from a large number of applicant start-up companies from around the world. Based in Bristol, UK, Configured Things is playing it’s part in the development of the language to describe and securely implement Smart Cities, Smart Spaces and underpin the emergent cooperative business models that large scale IoT deployments require.

ncsc accelerator launch co-founders

“As the World Wide Web reaches 28 years of age, we remember the co-operation that both enabled and initially inspired it; without that driver, its value would have been greatly limited. However, the use cases for the Internet, including the Internet of Things, have outpaced the tools that are required to enable safe co-operation which leads inevitably to gaps in security as attempts are made to connect silos. Consequently, co-operation is now risk-limited and this unnecessarily limits progress. Configured Things is solving these problems and enabling more flexible co-operation within and between systems with much greater control of that risk. The NCSC Cyber Accelerator will enable Configured Things to prove its capabilities to power multi-agency IoT and smart spaces through secure federated system configuration and management.” – Patrick Goldsack, Configured Things Co-founder

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About Configured Things

Configured Things provides a resilient configuration management platform and consultancy for federated problem spaces such as the Internet of Things and Smart Cities. Configured Things technologies provide key capabilities required for organisations seeking to grow business through increased automation and real-time visibility, it’s approach centres around the configuration management of Things via declarative system models. With a high degree of confidence in the properties of the system created and thus its security, organisations are more likely to achieve the Digital Transformation they seek to achieve.

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