Configured Things appoints Chief Operating Officer

Today Configured Things announced its appointment of Simon Arnell as Chief Operating Officer.

Simon Arnell

Simon joins us from DXC Technology where he was the Chief Security Technologist.

Simon is one of our founders, and the former Security Chief Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP. Simon led HPE’s DNS monitoring service; pioneered the use of SDN for rapid incident response and investigation; and the application of stochastic process modelling and simulation for strategic security policy decision support. Simon has been granted a number of patents in the areas of systems modelling and network security. Simon has previously worked on multidisciplinary projects and produced industry guidance with academia and government.

Configured Things looks forward to Simon’s appointment accelerating our growth.

About Configured Things

Configured Things provides a resilient configuration management platform and consultancy for federated problem spaces such as the Internet of Things and Smart Cities. Configured Things technologies provide key capabilities required for organisations seeking to grow business through increased automation and real-time visibility, it’s approach centres around the configuration management of Things via declarative system models. With a high degree of confidence in the properties of the system created and thus its security, organisations are more likely to achieve the Digital Transformation they seek to achieve.

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