Synergia consortium wins £2.2m InnovateUK bid for Internet of Things Cyber Security project

Today Configured Things announced its joint award of £2.2m by InnovateUK to explore cyber security research challenges in the Internet of Things. The SYNERGIA consortium, led by Toshiba, consists of six partners:

Toshiba Research – a cross-discipline team covering AI/ML and systems management

Smartia – specialising in AI/ML

Ioetec – specialising in securing device-to-edge

Multiple Access Communications (MAC) – specialising in IoT sensors

Configured Things – specialising in the large-scale secure management of software processes and data from edge-to-core

University of Bristol – a cross-discipline cyber security research team, covering AI/ML as well as resource constrained IoT devices.


SYNERGIA will be designing, building and demonstrating a systems architecture that addresses the competiton challenge of cyber security problems in resource constrained IoT systems. This work will enable an edge-to-core IoT Platform for large-scale networks of low-power IoT systems. Instead of contemporary approaches of centralising security management and capabilities to the cloud, this architecture will enable decentralised models for securing systems.

Cyber Security is a key aspect of this project and so the participation of Configured Things and Ioetec (alumni of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Accelerator programme) and University of Bristol (an NCSC Academic Centre of Excellance in Cyber Security Research) is critical to its success.

We look forward to working on this two year project. For further details, please follow the project’s Twitter @ProjectSynergia, and blog. If you’d like to contact Configured Things regarding our contributions please get in touch at

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Configured Things provides a resilient configuration management platform and consultancy for federated problem spaces such as the Internet of Things and Smart Cities. Configured Things technologies provide key capabilities required for organisations seeking to grow business through increased automation and real-time visibility, it’s approach centres around the configuration management of Things via declarative system models. With a high degree of confidence in the properties of the system created and thus its security, organisations are more likely to achieve the Digital Transformation they seek to achieve.

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