Smart cities

Co-operating organisations changing the art of the possible


Digital commons

Virtual spaces that enable collaboration for safety and security


Smart Venues

New business models from co-operating technology


Distributed application spaces

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Trusted relationships

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We are Configured Things

The collective Internet of Things is our Thing

Configured Things specialises in building technologies that enable secure smart spaces. Places such as cities, venues & buildings are often shared spaces, formed of multiple co-operating and potentially competing entities. Yet existing solutions treat connected places as having a single owner – we should not be surprised that outside of innovative siloes, connected and potentially ‘smart’ spaces remain largely ‘dumb’.

Our platform provides a policy-based approach to connecting organisations, federating their systems and data in a controlled manner. Control for Configured Things derives from declarative configuration management – putting things under control, monitoring for drift and taking corrective action based on a desired outcome.

Users of connected spaces do not wish that they must define all the steps of how their data will be collected, processed, stored and shared, and neither do we.

The Platform Solution

The platform

Configured Things are building the operating system for securely shared systems.

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WebWindows Solutions


WebWindows is “Signage as Code”, providing programmatic display management.

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SharedAwareness Solutions


A product dedicated to shared situational awareness of systems between organisations.

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SmartFrog configuring


We are the lead maintainers of the SmartFrog configuration management project.

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Configured Things build with security as a core design principle. We were one of just eight companies selected for the National Cyber Security Centre accelerator programme, from a pool of 180 applicants.