Cyber Accelerator Demo Day

Tomorrow, July 10th 2019, is Configured Things’ last day in the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s cyber accelerator. We will be spending it at the accelerator’s demo day, pitching to an assembled audience of VCs and dignitaries. The accelerator, run by Wayra UK on behalf of the NCSC, has spent the last eight months preparing the cohort for this day, providing us access to various coaches to refine our pitching ability.The accelerator also provides its members with privileged access to the NCSC, the national technical authority on cyber security matters, use of the NCSC and GCHQ brands, social media amplification the likes of which a startup can only dream and access to a number of events throughout the programme.Our cohort of companies was officially unveiled in November at the NCSC Launch event in London, pictured below is Wayra UK’s MD, Gary Stewart.

In February the NCSC hosted a CISO breakfast event, where we startups got to network with a number of CISOs of FTSE 100 companies, understanding a little about the concerns of a CISO and how they communicate within and between industries to manage and socialise risks facing one another.

May saw Wayra fly the cohort out to Silicon Valley to meet with VC and angel investors and potential technology partners. The enthusiasm of the Valley is infectious, we came back ready to win!

In May we also got to meet Ian Levy, who was able to share his valuable insights into the cohort’s products, market directions and the implications for security of standards efforts.

At the same time as being in the accelerator, Configured Things has been participating in the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport funded “5G Smart Tourism” project, helping Bristol City Council and the West of England Combined Authority to explore the potential for innovation.

Our technology was used to federate systems across the Bristol, allowing for the council’s thermal imaging cameras to detect and alert to threats to public safety. This was demonstrated in a safe environment at a demo day, on Saturday March 16th 2019, in Bristol’s Millennium Square, about which the following piece was created by the West of England Combined Authority.

It’s with great excitement that we can say that Tim Bowles, Mayor of the West of England, will be introducing us at the demo day event tomorrow, discussing how we helped the region better understand the concerns of connecting systems across cities.

All of us here at Configured Things, would like to extend our thanks to the NCSC, its staff and its supporters for expertise and knowledge shared on their part and the experience gained on ours over the programme. We would also recommend the accelerator to other cyber security startups looking to grow their business through access to the best security minds.

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